Privacy Policy has created this website to provide online shoppers with a convenient forum to view and purchase furniture. is committed to maintaining your privacy. This privacy policy and agreement (the “Privacy Policy”) covers how we collect, use and treat personal information that you may provide either (a) through our Website or while participating in the services that we offer at the Website (the “Services”), or (b) directly to us upon our request and while visiting one of our physical locations as further set out in Section 4 (Provision of Personally Identifiable Information Offline). Our Privacy Policy applies to any visitor to the Website (collectively, “you”), including (i) casual visitors to our Site, who do not sign up for an account on the Website (“Site Visitors”), and (ii) users who have registered with Home Zone Furniture through the Website (collectively, “Registered Users”). 

1. Your Consent. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully; once you consent to this Privacy Policy’s terms, it creates legal obligations on you and on We ask you to show your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy in different ways, depending on your relationship to the Site. The procedures for consenting to this Privacy Policy are (i) less formal if you are simply a casual Site Visitor, and (ii) more formal if you are seeking to become a Registered User.

2. The Types of Information You May Provide. Information that you may provide or that we may collect from you while visiting our Site or while participating in our Services falls into two broad categories: (i) personally identifiable information, and (ii) anonymous information. We use the term “Personally Identifiable Information” to mean any information that could reasonably be used to identify you, including your name, address, e-mail address, birth date, financial information, photograph, telephone number or any combination of information that could be used to identify you. “Anonymous Information” is information that does not identify you, and may include statistical information concerning, for example, your use of our Services, the features of the Website or pages on our Site that you visit most frequently. 

3. Personally Identifiable Information; Our Uses of this Information. As a Site Visitor, we allow you to decide whether you wish to provide us with Personally Identifiable Information. Accordingly, we have structured our Website so that you may visit our Site, and review selected information about our Services, without revealing your identity or providing any Personally Identifiable Information. We will only share Personally Identifiable Information you choose to provide to us via the Website with third parties as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. We collect information from you at different points on our Website and through our Services, and use this information as follows: 

4. Provision of Personally Identifiable Information Offline. If you purchase a product or service from us in one of our physical stores, we may ask you during the checkout process to provide us with your contact information, telephone number and email address (collectively, the “Contact Information”). We will use your Contact Information to send communications to you as further described in Section 3.7 (Communications), to more efficiently complete deliveries and administer our Goof Proof Plus Protection Plan and for other purposes set out on the sales receipt that you receive at checkout. If you provide Contact Information to us at our request during checkout, we strive to provide you with either verbal and/or written notice of this Policy so that you can review it. We treat any Contact Information that you provide to us during the in-store checkout process as Personally Identifiable Information under this Policy. Please note that, other than the Contact Information that you provide to us during the checkout process, this Privacy Policy does not govern our practices with respect to any other Information that you provide to us offline including, for example, financial information that you provide to us during the in-store checkout process. 

5. Anonymous Information. We use Anonymous Information to analyze the effectiveness of our Site, to improve our Website and our Services and for other, similar purposes. In addition, from time to time, we may undertake or commission statistical and other summary analyses of the general behavior and characteristics of Website users, and the use of our Website and Services, and may share Anonymous Information with third parties, including Advertisers (if any). Rest assured that Anonymous Information provided to third parties will not allow anyone to identify you. We may collect Anonymous Information through features of the software that supports our Website and our Services, through cookies and through other means described below. 

6. Any Information Linked with Your Personally Identifiable Information is Protected As “Personally Identifiable Information.”  To enable us to better understand the characteristics of our customers and/or to provide services tailored to your needs, we may link (i) the Personally Identifiable Information you have provided; with (ii) Anonymous Information. If we combine or link any Anonymous Information or other information with your Personally Identifiable Information, the resulting combination will be treated and protected as Personally Identifiable Information under this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, no unrelated third parties will have access to this information, and any of our service providers who are granted access to this information will be bound to protect it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

7. We Do Not Disclose Site-Directed, Personally Identifiable Information to Unaffiliated Third Parties; Limited Exceptions. We will not disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to unaffiliated third parties without your express consent, except in the following limited circumstances: 

8. Retention of Personally Identifiable Information. Our policy with regard to retention of Personally Identifiable Information depends on whether you are a Site Visitor or a Registered User. If you are a Site Visitor, we will only retain Personally Identifiable Information that you have provided for as long as necessary to address the purpose for which you submitted the information. If you are a Registered User, we will retain your Personally Identifiable Information for as long as you continue to be a Registered User, unless you request that we delete the information in accordance with Section.

9. Advertisements. Our Site may include the use of ad banner partners for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions, and other marketing messages. These ads may be provided, in some cases, by a third party ad service provider or advertiser (collectively, “Advertisers”). Additionally, advertisers may place or utilize their own cookies on your browser and may use Anonymous Information about your visit to our Site. If an Advertiser requests that you provide Personally Identifiable Information to it or otherwise accept its cookie on your browser, please be aware that the Advertiser’s use and collection of this information and use of any cookies will be governed by its privacy policy or other relevant agreement, and not our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you review the Advertiser’s privacy policy before providing Personally Identifiable Information. You may choose not to receive targeted advertising from certain ad networks, data exchanges, marketing analytics and other service providers as indicated at

10. Changing or Removing Information; Opting Out.